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Welcome to the World of Motorcycling!
Our mission is to train you in the Basic Motorcycle Riding Skills through the endorsed Urban Rider Course, developed by the Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa (MSI), to improve motorcycle riding efficiency and safety on our roads.
My passion is to help develop skilled and confident riders by providing practical training and quality coaching. This course is designed for people who have never ridden before or new riders who want to improve their abilities and reduce risk. You will learn the basics of riding a motorcycle which will lay the foundation to grow into a safer and more effective rider.

The following is required before attending:

1. You MUST be in possession of a Motorcycle Learner License before attending the URC L1 & L2, or LRC.

2. You MUST be able to ride a bicycle before attending the URC Level 1.

3. Your Own Helmet, Jeans (Riding Pants), Shoes (Over the Ankle), Jacket and Gloves.


Our Course Overview

1 Student 3 Hours
Urban Rider Course – Level 1
Never ridden before. Don't stress; you are in great hands. On this level we start you off on motorcycle familiarisation, how to balance, clutch and throttle control, riding posture, safety, and the basics of motorcycle control. If you have never ridden a Motorcycle before but can at least ride a bicycle, then start with this level and progress to complete Level 2. No certification is done at this level, only when you attend and complete URC Level 2 will we issue you with a Urban Rider Course certificate.
1 Student 4 Hours
Urban Rider Course – Level 2
A follow-up course, or refresher, teaching you in theory and in practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment, concentrating on a variety of street skills like lower-speed manoeuvres, counter steering, cornering, swerving, and braking. The URC Level 2 caters for those who are still riding in fear and uncertainty, a great starting point to discard age-old habits learned from family or friends, and to develop a set of new lifesaving skills to survive everyday traffic situations. Upon successful completion you will be issued with a Urban Rider Course certificate.
1 Student 3 Hours
K53 Licence Rider Course
With at least 1500km (a minimum of 6 months) regular riding experience, you are ready for the next step – getting your K53 Motorcycle License. Here we will take you from the Pre-Trip Inspection through to the practical manoeuvres required to successfully pass your K53 Motorcycle License Test. We do offer bike rental for training and on the test day, so, we’ve got you covered.
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